It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations LLC

Boat Detailing Done Right!

Your boat is a huge investment. Therefore, you have to take an active approach in maintaining or increasing its value. At It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations, we help you take care of your boat or yacht the right way. We are the preferred detailers for both Leopard and Lagoon catamarans in the region plus many more.

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to give your vessel an astonishing appearance and keep your investment in top shape. Contact us today.

About the Company

It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations in St. Augustine, Florida is a LICENSED, INDUSTRY CERTIFIED and INSURED mobile yacht detailing company that is backed by over two decades of industry experience.


Owner & Operations Director

Francisco Sprott started his boating career as a Boarding Officer for the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard in 2002 stationed on the Dutch and French island of St. Maarten/St.Martin. Though there was nothing fancy about patrol boats, aside from his duties as a maritime law enforcement officer, his other responsibilities were to help maintain the fleet. After serving his country for 5 years, he started a new career in the yachting industry, where he worked as a catamaran captain, and a deckhand/third engineer responsible for the overall maintenance of the decks and the engine room of a 200 ft. luxury yacht named "APOGEE".

During his 3.5 years in the yachting industry, Francisco developed and mastered the skills in yacht detailing which he is very passionate about. Today, he owns and operates a full-service boat cleaning, boat detailing and yacht restoration business committed to excellence, great customer service while protecting your investment using only the finest quality marine-grade, and environmentally-friendly products. As an extention, he also owns "The 904 Detailing Studio", St.Augustine's Premium High-End Car Detailing service center.

Francisco knows very well that because of his vast experience as a "yachty", his clients expect nothing short of quality work.


At It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations, we stand by our motto: " We Make Boats Great Again". PERIOD!

Our objective is to make boats great again by achieving the utmost excellence in restoring heavily oxidized boats and deliver showroom-like results for boat and yacht owners in Northeast Florida. Whether it’s just a one-time wash, bi-monthly wash and wax or a full interior cleaning and sanitation, we can get the job done, meet your deadline, and get you back on the water in no time.


Francisco's vision is to solidify his company as Northeast Florida’s most trusted marine detailing and yacht restoration service provider delivering nothing short of quality work.