It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations LLC

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Do you live out of state but your yacht stays docked in St.Augustine or Jacksonville, but because of distance you can't make it in time to prepare your vessel when a hurricane is bearing down on us?
Living and boating in Northeast Florida have many advantages like our beautiful waterways, easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, and our warm climates. However, we are exposed to tropical storms and hurricanes during storm season. At IATYR we want to make sure that your boat is safe with a hurricane plan. This is often a requirement for insurance companies. The IATYR team is here for you! We can put together a hurricane plan for your boat, so when the time comes, it's one less thing to stress about. This is key is a worry-free yacht ownership experience with coordinated hurricane planning.
  • List is first come first serve due to what we offer and time restrictions Pre-Hurricane.
  • A deposit guarantees we make it to your boat before the storm.