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If you’re the owner of a boat or any other type of watercraft, you may definitely know about how difficult they are to keep clean. Because boats are so exposed to UV damage, moisture and bacteria present in the body of water they’re in, they can surely sustain lots of issues such as water stains, grime, barnacles, and more. There is also the possibility of damage like oxidation, scratching, and more to its structure. With that in mind, it’s imperative to uphold regular boat cleaning for the overall cleanliness and condition of your watercraft. Boat detailing might be the step up you need as a necessary part of that, so don’t think twice about taking your boat to a reliable service for the work it needs. If you’re within the area of St. Augustine, FL, we at It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations are the service to trust for that.


It is crucial that you do your due diligence when choosing a boat detailing company. We have had many boat owners come to us after they hired inexperienced boat detailers for there detailing needs only find out they were using the wrong techniques & tools, cheap products and even causing damage. Rest assured with our highest standards for quality work, you will be happy you chose us over the competition.

How We’ll Do It

If you have a trailered boat and it needs a lot of work, like a full gelcoat restoration, we recommend you bring it to our 904 Detailing Studio. If you do not have a trailer for your boat or if your boat simply cannot be brought to our detailing studio, no worries, we are mobile for under certain circumstances. We use gloss meters to assess the overall condition of the gel coat which helps us determine the exact process needed to restore the gel coat back to higher gloss levels. In essence, the lower the gloss meter readings, the lower the gloss levels, the more oxidation which results in more steps. The higher the readings, the more "healthy" the gel coat is which equals to less or zero oxidation, less steps.Do not have a trailer but your boat is on the water? No problem, we are the only boat detailers in Northeast Florida with an inflatable work platform which allows for on-water servicing saving you time and haul out costs.

Indeed, we at It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations are the boat detailing professionals you need for your boat. Our solid reputation for unmatched customer service together with the high level of quality work speaks for itself. If you are interested in our services, don't hesitate to give us a call at (904) 814-9102 right away.

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It's Aboat Time Yacht Restorations

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Services List

  • + Full Interior Cleaning and Sanitation
  • + Full Exterior Detail
  • + Gelcoat Restoration
  • + Polishing
  • + Waxing
  • +
  • + Teak Restoration
  • +
  • + Marine Ceramic Coating

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